about the colors

I'm red-green colorblind (specifically, I'm deuteranomalous). That doesn't mean that I can't see colors, or that I can't see red and green, just that I get confused by some shades of red, green, and colors that contain them. Differences in shade that look bright and obvious to other people frequently look sort of subtle to me. For example, some shades of purple don't seem very importantly different from blue, to me, because of the red component in purple.

My mother has drawings I did as a child of green cookies and brown trees with green trunks. I can tell that they're wrong now, but I'm not sure I'd notice if nobody pointed it out.

Anyway, my web site is all in shades of grey partially so that I won't accidentally choose a color scheme that looks great to me and hideous to people with normal vision.

Also I just like shades of grey. Maybe you think it's a boring color scheme, but I'd rather my web site be boring than obnoxious. Most web sites are obnoxious.